Organization is a Beautiful Thing

Stylish Organization

Disorder, disarray, chaos, confusion…talking like that fogs my mind and wreaks havoc with my emotions. But words like structured, ordered, arranged and tidy make me smile and breathe a sigh of relief. Organizing is a beautiful thing…emotionally and visually.

Organization Beautiful-Thing

By doing it, I eliminate clutter in my life and cobwebs in my mind. It’s more than a hobby. I work at it all year long, in my home and in the homes of my clients.

Did you know that style and organization intertwingle? Most certainly! But where to start? A good place would be the bathroom – in the vanity or closet. Begin by eliminating any old cosmetics or items you haven’t used in a while…like the sparkly purple lip gloss you loved seventeen years ago… or the bottle of Charlie perfume with the corroded lid. Combine the items you want to keep into groups…cosmetics, medicines, hair styling products, lotions…you get the picture. Then take a look around the house to identify different types of containers and think about how you might repurpose them. For example, you may come across an antique or decorative, yet unused, piece in the living room that can be used for storage in the bathroom.

To get you going, here are 11 practical ways to add style to your organizing...

  • Install outlets in drawers or cabinets for your hairdryer and electric toothbrush. Tucked away they’re always charged and ready to use.
  • An over-the-door shoe organizer is ideal for storing cosmetics by type.
  • Conceal all those mini makeup and skin care samples in a silver jewelry box or chic travel bag.
  • Clear or colored acrylic desk supplies make great storage containers.
  • Fill pretty hand soap dispensers with face wash and lotions.
  • Canisters or glass jars can be used to hold nail files and combs.
  • Consider a crystal biscuit barrel for cotton balls and Q-tips.
  • Brushes look stylish in a mint julep cup – soft side up to protect the bristles.
  • Add elegance by keeping mouthwash in a vintage decanter.
  • Hair ties become decorative when corralled on a sterling silver ring holder.
  • Assemble a collection of perfume bottles and compacts on a mirrored tray.

Getting organized. Staying organized. What a beautiful thing. A good rule of thumb for keeping clutter from reappearing is this: “When you buy something new, give something away.” Happy Spring! Happy organizing!

Until next time…

P.S. Panageries does this and a whole lot more via our professional organizing services. We can help…one closet, one nook at a time.