This is how it's priced.

A professionally designed room at a much lower rate... décorahh!

décorahh! is for the person who loves the Panageries look (See our look.) but doesn't need the full range of services...and doesn't mind doing or managing the actual labor. Unlike full service interior design where the designer does it all, YOU will be rolling up your sleeves and getting busy completing the actual project.

All rooms are priced by the square footage. Select the design rate based on your room size, keeping in mind your overall budget. Pricing is for design services only. asterick-tiny Costs for furnishings and construction should be taken into consideration.

décorahh! design fees:


$1,100 Tiny Room
0-199 sq. ft.
ie: powder room, mud room, foyer

$2,300 Small Room
200-399 sq. ft.
ie: guest room, bath, nursery, home office

$3,300 Average Room
400-799 sq. ft.
ie: master bedroom, kitchen, living room

$4,500 Big Room
800+ sq. ft.
ie: great room, kitchen/keeping, recreation

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