5 Star Summer

Outdoor Living

When choosing a place to stay while on vacation, do you pay attention to the ratings? How about the number of stars? The term “five star hotel” is associated with the ultimate in luxury, quality, service and consistency. Want to know how to have a “5 Star Summer” without leaving home? Allow me to be your concierge and offer you a few pointers.


Summer is all about the outdoors. So, let’s step out onto your patio, deck or covered porch. It can become a place of escape after a long day…your own private oasis. This special outdoor setting earns a 5 star rating when transformed into the perfect venue for relaxing alone, spending quality time with a loved one or hosting the ultimate soiree. Here are 5 ways to win those coveted 5 stars.

-       Make a breeze. Not on the water? No worries. Pick up a whole star and create a nice breeze anytime by installing a ceiling fan – one made for outdoor living and that fits with your décor.

-       Light the torch. Create instant ambiance with tiki torches. Or, use outdoor party lights strung across decks and patios or around the ceiling of a covered porch to help set a mood worthy of the rating.

-       Keep it plush. Fabric panels (hung from metal outdoor drapery rods) block the sun, add privacy and give the feeling of an outdoor room. Lush cushions and pillows accentuate the luxuriousness. Companies like Sunbrella now offer beautiful outdoor fabrics with names such as Canvas Palm and Tango Mink. Yum…and a star!

-       Tune out the world. Install an outdoor television and set it to the travel channel. And/or, install outdoor speakers to set the perfect mood for dinner or while relaxing. Speakers can be hidden in the ceiling or disguised as rocks. If wiring becomes an issue, you’ll still earn half a star just by bringing out the beatbox. :-)

-       Dine outside. An outdoor kitchen is the “in” thing…complete with sink, fridge, countertops, drawers and built-in grill. If that’s too ambitious for your taste, try a rolling bar cart to bring the dinner party outside. Either way, this will make your “dining out” worthy of at least one more star.

As you spend more time under the “stars” this summer, don’t forget the Citronella candles or bug zapper. The last thing you want is an uninvited mosquito taking a bite out of your fun.

Until next time…