This is our story.

décorahh! is the brainchild of Cynthia Masters, principal of the high-end interior design firm, Panageries. For more than 25 years, she has created exceptional interiors for discerning homeowners throughout the Southeast.

With a desire to design for more people – from across the country and with varied budgets – Cynthia conceived an affordable "Panageries-inspired" online alternative...décorahh! Her Panageries approach has always been turnkey – handling every detail for the client from beginning to end. But now, for décorahh!, it's a virtual partnership where you, the homeowner, are very involved.

Cynthia has broken the process down into 3 stages. The first is the information and inspiration gathering stage done by you...with step-by-step instructions. The second is the designing done by Cynthia and her staff. In the final stage, you implement the design direction provided by decorahh! to create the room of your dreams...ooh! ahh!

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quotes-yellowFor quite some time I've wanted the Panageries look to be accessible to a wider audience. Then one day it hit me and
that ‘aha!’ moment prompted me to create décorahh!

– Cynthia Masters