This is how it works.

Putting the décorahh! touch on your room is as easy as 1-2-3. With these steps, you'll be well on your way to having the room of your dreams!


This is your part.
We'll provide a link to your online Inspiration Profile. It's what helps us determine a design direction that suits you and your living style. There will be instructions and a detailed questionnaire. First, you'll measure your room and any items you plan to keep. Next, you'll take photos of your room. asterick-tiny  And finally, you'll gather inspiration from magazines, the our look page, web image searches, and wherever you find the looks you like. Your completed Inspiration Profile should give us everything we need to design your new room. If needed, we'll email you to fill in any details.


This is our part.
First, we review all of the notes, comments, measurements and photos from your Inspiration Profileasterick-tiny  Next, the inspiration we derive from what you include in the profile is put to use in creating an amazing design. We pull together everything needed to complete your room – on a tidy décorahh! drive loaded with notes, instructions, sketches, furniture tear sheets and even a shopping list. In addition, you'll receive swatches, samples and colors...all that's needed to assemble your designer room. The result? It's décorahh!


This is the unveiling!
In about 6-8 weeks your package is delivered to your door...full of samples, swatches, direction, and then some. It's time to begin the final phase of making your dream room a reality! We know you'll absolutely love your décorahh! room. But just in case something needs tweaking, we can take care of you. asterick-tiny  Please visit our faq for more details.