Two Rugs

Here’s a cool little secret! Putting down two rugs instead of one can really add texture and interest to any room. But it’s not as easy as it might seem, so here are a few helpful suggestions.

  1. TwoRugsTwo rugs will help pull a color scheme together. Let's say your room is designed around shades of grey, cream, aqua, and persimmon. You could use a large grey area rug in a single tone on tone pattern and then layer on top with a smaller accent rug that has a much busier pattern in shades of grey, cream and persimmon. The key is that they share a common this case, it's the grey. Then to further establish your scheme, you might use aqua throw pillows and persimmon and cream draperies. Have fun!
  2. Two rugs can marry two design styles. Maybe you love two disparate design styles like traditional and mid century modern. Why not use a busier patterned traditional persian rug layered on top with a smaller solid colored shag? Now you have a base that says “I like the mix”, so you can begin to add furnishings that blend the two aesthetics as well.
  3. Two rugs provide extra texture. If you have a large sisal rug, you can layer something soft and supple on top like a zebra or sheepskin. The juxtaposition of the roughly textured sisal combined with the softness of the skin adds depth and builds interest. In other words, mix it up. Think of adding texture as adding personality and just run with it.

Once you try this, a single rug will seem pretty boring. Two rugs. Too fun! Think layers...blending...and comfort. Then go shopping! Come back, throw them down and enjoy the new vibe as you secretly ask yourself “Why hadn't I thought of this before?”

Do you have a layering idea you’d like to share...or maybe two?

Until next time...